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    New Sub Ohm Tanks by Sense Herakles

    Last week we got in some of the new Sub Ohm tanks by Herakles.

    First impression these are well made no burring no scratches bumps smooth as silk and genuine stainless steel, the pyrex glass is immaculate i didn't find any oil residue on any of the assembly, pretty much assemble fill and vape. Very Cool Sense. and thanks for the spare glass as well sometimes we over tighten and crack these type of tanks and its nice to know i i do Ive got a spare ready to roll.

    Now we have two coils 0.6 and 0.2 I found both coils to wick really well and i vape 100% VG so tahts saying something, one thing you need to remember when vaping high VG you need to warm your juice, a few short vapes at 20 w then 30 w 50 w and for me i vape around 60 for the best flavour and warmth.

    Back to the coils, when loading these they seem to have port holes for the fluid which need to align up but they don't really the juice gets in no problem. if you over tighten the assembly you will cause your coil to come out next time you fill a tank.

    The drip tips are amazing, actually the best ive had so far, no juice in the mouth at all after vaping this for over a week. It looks awesome on the X CUBE 2 dont you think?

    Get a Sense herakles Sub Ohm tank for yourself here


    Vape organics First USDA-Certified Organic

    RIVERSIDE, Calif., June 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- California - Vape Organics today announced that it has formulated the first USDA-certified organic, USP grade nicotine which is now incorporated into its e-juices for electronic cigarettes. Through this innovation, consumers can now vape with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that they are using a nicotine delivery option that not only mitigates the harm from tobacco combustion, but also from pesticides. As consumers become increasingly aware of the ingredients in their e-liquids and considering that researchers have found traces of suspected carcinogens in traditional cigarette smoke, the development of USDA-certified organic nicotine is most welcome.

    full release here


    see the range of vape organics Ejuices here

    These DGK Dry Herb Vaporizers are flying out the door

    We knew when we purchased these that they were a popular product but had no idea just how popular they were.

    When we got our first shipment i opened up one of the kits to have a play and an old mate knocked on the door who was off work on stress leave. Needless to say I offered it to him as a gift and asked he test it out for me and let me know that it worked as well as I had been told.

    He's wrapped with it and we listed these last week and have had 14 happy customer already, i think when you get the right product for the right purpose and the right price its win win for everyone.

    thanks for your support everybody :) Peace

    check them out here

    Camo Vaporizer Pen - Wood grain as well

    Last week we got these awesome woodgrain Vaprizers in, they run a wick style pick-up and feel great in the hand, ive been using these every day since they arrived. one in the car and one at my desk in the office.

    I think they are such a great size and natural enough not to be awkward for a new vaper, I'm sending one to my mum to try to get her off the ciggis.

    check our the camo vaporiser here 



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